My Money Making Home!

My Money Making Home!

I want to give you a few tips on how my home made me money. In the following text, I have outlined a few tips to get you started on your very own short term rental at your very own home or vacation rental property.

  1. Budgeting – To keep on track, create a basic budget for your short term rental. Keep in mind things like furniture, cleaning supplies, extra linens and toiletries.
  2. Planning- Create a list of projects that need to get done to fix up your space. These projects can be big or small. Such projects include: deep cleaning, washing your extra bedding,  fixing broken cabinets, extra landscaping, or painting your house.
    Next, create a list of the items you need. If you are using your own dwelling as a short term rental, you will need to inspect your bedding.  I encourage you to use the linens that are in mint condition- (free of stains, holes or major wear).
    We recommend, at the very least, duplicate bedding sheet sets, and duvet covers. This ensures a speedy flip between guests.
    Next you will go through the basic needs of toiletries, kitchen accessories, cleaning products, and furniture.
    To present the best possible place to stay, your furniture should be free of smells, major wear or damage and functional.
    If you need a few extra pieces of furniture, look at your budget to figure out if you are able to buy used or new. If you’re handy you can repurpose dressers, tables, chairs and more. Make sure most finishing’s are wipeable and that you don’t have a deep attachment to it. Any furniture piece can risk damage at any time.3. Consumables- A few great options for cleaning supplies are vinegar, dawn dish soap/ power wash, and water.
    Typical items you will need to keep in stock are toilet paper, and paper towel. I always leave a few extra rolls of toilet paper and an extra roll of paper towel out.
    Some more great add-ins for the kitchen are a few cooking spices, or a water filter system like Brita, or even a few condiments.
    You can also add in things like  tooth brushes, shampoo, conditioner, bodywash… WRITE IT DOWN and make a list of everything you need!
    4. Instructions- If you have any special instructions for checking in or out, parking, wifi, how to use the pool/ hot tub/ where to place garbage etc… I highly recommend creating a sign in Canva  and laminate or place in a nice frame for your guests to see.
    Sidenote: buy locked door knobs for any rooms or closets that you don’t want guests to use.5. Deep Cleaning-  Before you list, give your space a deep clean. Your guests will review how clean the space was after each stay. It’s also easier to keep clean thereafter each stay. Hire out a company if you feel like it is too daunting of a task.6. Special touches- If you decide to add in special touches like wine, candies, soap, or a welcome basket, be consistent with it. Your reviews will reflect it, and after your guests choose to put their review public, or they decide to book again, they will be expecting it.7. Pictures and Listing – “Pictures say 1000 words”…or so they say. You will need clear, bright pictures for your listing. If you struggle to take pictures, a couple of options may be to ask a friend, or put an inquiry out on social media looking for assistance.
    Next set up your airbnb or short term rental listing online. I know that Airbnb will guide you through the step by step process and their online community is fabulous in helping to answer questions that you may have.

    8. Cleaning- To get a better review, it is in your best interest to clean, clean, clean. Decide if you will be the one who is cleaning or if you are hiring out a cleaner. If you hiring a cleaner, check in on the service after the cleaner has left, before your next guests arrive to ensure it’s in tip top shape.

    These are just a few tips on how my home started to make me money.  It takes planning and budgeting to get the job done, however; It allowed  me to enjoy my vacation with my family. Everyone has a different “why” in setting up their short term rental. What is your


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