How we began: Part 2

Welcome back! 

If you are new to M Squared Ventures, and you haven’t read the previous post about “How We Began”, then I would encourage you to take a read. This second entry is equally as important, but would make more sense by reading our first post. (How We Began) I had taken the plunge, and made a leap of faith to try something new to create income for my family.  I did, however; know that this dream would need some extra man power.

I decided to ask Rob MacDougall to come into this Airbnb business partnership, was because we had many of the same core values when it came to renovations, business savy, and family beliefs. We were able to work as a team alongside each other on several renovation projects, and everything went smoothly.  For those of you who know Rob, know he prefers to work at his own pace, usually solo, and listens to his own selected music and podcasts.  I may have slightly interrupted those projects a time or two, but he has always been a great sport about it.  In saying this, I knew that he paid great attention to detail, and I believed that this was crucially important with this venture.

I haved recognized over the last few years of growth, that I have certain areas involving business that I needed some fine-tuning.  Rob seems to compliment this mix by adding expertise into areas where I needed it, and vice versa. He is very left-brained, and I am very right-brained. We have huge respect for each other, and compliment each other, which has brought us to where we are today.  Rob enjoys the spreadsheets, end goal numbers, and how the financial and analytical things work. His motto is “If you’re going to do it, do it right.” I agree with the motto. I however, pay more attention to the decor, and I try to advance marketability and sales efforts.  I seek to find the optimum “Bang for the Buck” while trying to stay within the budget.  As I dream, focusing in several places at once, Rob brings me back to a more organized state.  I nudge him to be creative and try new things, So together we have made a great team. I like to bounce ideas off Rob, because as big and vast as they can be, He welcomes them. Then, we will talk numbers, logistics,  and then…..I drift off…dreaming of more ideas. We find humour in this.


We take a project, we plan, we work very hard, and execute it effieciently. We would
paint, transport furniture to and from our AirBnbs, clean and organize. In doing this, we have accomplished our brand. I want to be transparent in saying that it’s been very hard work, requiring lots of energy to maintain our focus. We have definitely had our struggles as with any friendship involving such a venture.  Laying aside this, we choose to work through the highs and lows. Rob will put himself to the back burner at times just to accomplish our end goals. I want to say cheers to this guy. If you see him, give him a high five…..

We meet in the middle to answer our airbnb messages, we undertake cleaning when our cleaner is unable, we set business goals, and we either take turns, or team up to get a job done. We have to also recognize how much our spouses have helped us out. Without them, we would not be where we are.

We value high customer service in oour airbnb business, and do our best to maintain this level even when our lives get busy. Our goal is to continue to grow and expand in the hospitality industry. We encourage you to continue to reach out and ask questions as are also an airbnb consulting team, airbnb hosting for other homeowners, and manage our own properties. Thank you for all the continued support.

Thanks for reading,
Jessica Morehouse

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