Our Services


Why you should choose us to manage your next Airbnb!

Financial Strategies

Our team provides expert strategies and insight in pricing your Airbnb, to offer you maximum profitability for your home. With an ever-changing market, and seasonal highs and lows, it can be challenging to determine just how much you should be charging your guests. We make sure to stay on top of all threats and opportunities, while working with the algorithm, so that we are always pricing to your advantage.

Professional Cleaning

We make sure that your Airbnb is spotless for each guest by providing you with cleaning services between stays! Our M2 cleaning team is made up of highly detail oriented individuals who have been trained to use their “flowcharts” in order to guarantee top quality services, in a timely manner. Please be advised that the cleaning fee is paid by the guest, and is not an additional cost from you, the owner. 

Top-notch Service and Prompt Communication

We are working for you to provide top-notch service and prompt communication ensuring that your guests are completely taken care of and satisfied with their accommodations. Whether it be answering messages, accepting late night check-ins, or running out to airbnb’s to provide solutions to guests if something isn’t working right, we are on it. We never miss a beat, so that you can rest assured that your home is taken care of, and that your guests are given a 5 star experience overall. 

Flexible and Innovative

How you decide to design your home is totally up to you! We are flexible in themes and styles, while also providing to you our expertise in interior design and renovations, to help you make your dream Airbnb come to life. We will come up with a design plan that makes it easy for your guests and our cleaners to navigate, while catering to your creative vision. 

Competitive Rates and Services

We offer competitive rates on the market for our full service Airbnb property management, so that you can feel comfortable leaving operations in our hands, while still profiting income and your time. To learn more about our rates, please contact us directly to discuss what we can offer for you!


We are partnered with many great local companies and entrepreneurs to aid in creating a unique and outstanding experience for your guests that will help you stand out. Currently, we are associated with Maybee Brewing, Good Guys Golf, and Monks and Jonesies, where people can inquire about a night out on the town by simply scanning the QR provided to them by us.

Photography and Marketing

We offer high quality photos for your listing(s) on Airbnb, as well as photo and video content for our social media pages and website. New listings always get a special feature on our Facebook and Instagram pages, with continuous marketing efforts to gain maximum bookings for your property. We like to be innovative in our marketing while finding strategies that align with your visions. Every home has its own story behind it, let us help you to tell that story.

Real Estate Purchasing Power and Insight

As two skilled and qualified real estate agents, Jess and Rob can help you to get started with your next home purchase, with their knowledge and insight of the market. The first step to setting up your dream Airbnb, is finding the right property for it, so allow us to navigate your needs and find the best suitable home for you!

Renovations and Flips

Yup, that’s right, we do it all, even renovations and flips too! A little TLC can go a long way when transforming your house into your inspired Airbnb. We have a fantastic team of individuals who are passionate about what they do, and take pride in knowing they take part in creating exceptional spaces for countless people to enjoy!

Accounting and General Administration Services

Our company also administers to you a team of business professionals where we oversee all of the back end of administration, HR, accounting, and operational duties to the business, so that there is always someone that you can reach out to for any information needed. We provide monthly statements that break down your costs and earnings, to help keep you on track of reaching your goals.